Technical Consultants to the Produce Industry
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Technical Management

In the current economic climate many businesses are finding it a challenge to meet the financial requirements needed to employ a full time technical manager, or they find themselves in the situation where their existing technical management team are finding themselves stretched, but employing extra full time resource is not currently cost effective.

JD Fresh Limited can fill aid in filling in these potential gaps by performing the following tasks and also aiding in any more specific requirements that your business may have;

  • Supplier Approval
  • HACCP Studies
  • Supply Chain Integrity Management
  • Technical Standard Compliance and Audit Preparation
  • Pesticide Residue Testing Scheduling
  • Supplier Auditing
  • Customer Specification Interpretation and Compliance
  • Establishing and Monitoring Quality Management Systems
  • Briefing existing staff members on standard compliance requirements
  • And more

Just contact JD Fresh Limited with your requirements.

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